pyrh - Unofficial Robinhood API

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Python Framework to make trades with Unofficial Robinhood API. Supports Python 3.6+

Please note that parts of this project maybe non-functional / under rapid development

  • A stable release is imminent


Quick start

from pyrh import Robinhood

rh = Robinhood()
rh.login(username="YOUR_EMAIL", password="YOUR_PASSWORD")

How To Install:

pip install pyrh

Running example.ipynb

Clone the repository and install jupyter capabilities.

$ git clone
$ cd pyrh
$ python --version # python 3.3+ for venv functionality
Python 3.7.6
$ python -m venv pyrh_env
$ source pyrh_env/bin/activate
(pyrh_env) $ pip install .[notebook]
(pyrh_env) $ cp .env.sample .env # update the values in here
(pyrh_env) $ jupyter notebook notebooks/example.ipynb

Now just run the files in the example.

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