Developer Guidelines

We appreciate all types of contributions to pyrh: bug reports, documentation, and new features. The issue tracker is the best place to start if you are looking for small issues to get started with. Specifically look for those marked Needs Contributor.


$ git clone
$ cd Robinhood
$ brew install poetry
$ brew install pre-commit
$ python -m venv pyrh_env
$ source pyrh_env/bin/activate
(pyrh_env) $ poetry install
(pyrh_env) $ pre-commit install

Lint checks are automatically run when you try to push the code. To manually run them run the following command. If you want to skip the lint check, you can do that by using –no-verify when committing.

(pyrh_env) $ pre-commit run -a
(pyrh_env) $ git commit -am "Some patch commit" --no-verify # will skip lint checks

Running tests and viewing coverage

(pyrh_env) $ pytest # from the root directory
(pyrh_env) $ open htmlcov/index.html # opens coverage in browser (on macOS)

Contributing Code Changes

We operate using pull requests, please branch off of master to submit your changes. Make sure to go to GitHub fork the project and switch your remotes. Please try to update the docs and write some initial tests to aid with code review. Once you’re all set please add a towncrier file of your changes to the newsfragment directory.

(pyrh_env) $ git remote set-url origin{YOUR_USER_NAME}/pyrh.git
(pyrh_env) $ git remote add upstream
(pyrh_env) $ git checkout -b some_changes
(pyrh_env) $ # now make and commit your changes
(pyrh_env) $ git push  --set-upstream origin some_changes
(pyrh_env) $ # now go to YOUR fork and submit a pull request upstream